Merikorp Welcomes You

The award-winning production team at Zombie Army Productions is back on Navy Pier with a brand new haunted attraction, Zombie Containment - an aggressive, high scare, interactive haunted house by night and a low scare/lights on show during the day.

Breaking News

Zombie CrossingMerikorp® Industries has played an essential part in containing the zombie outbreak that struck our nation. Now, in the aftermath of the national outbreak, Merikorp® has led the way in safe disposal of the undead, furthering our understanding of the infection, and eventually discovering a vaccine to keep our citizens safe.

In the interest of full transparency, Merikorp® is opening its Zombie Containment Research Facilities for public tours. This Fall, you will be able to see, firsthand, how the undead are being held, studied and disposed of. Come face to face with zombies in the safety of a Zombie Containment Unit near you.

Keeping Americans Safe from Americans, One American at a Time.